10 Most Cosplayed Video Game Heroes of All Time

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February 2, 2020 (Investorideas.com newswire) A new study has revealed that D.Va, the Overwatch character, is the most popular video game character.

Publisher of game guides guidestrats.com used Instagram data to analyze the number of hashtags for each character, including #LinkCosplay and #PrincessPeachCosplay.

#1 – D.Va From Overwatch

The Korean gamer who turned Mech pilot is the leader with 223,046 hashtags on Instagram. D.Va’s look, outside of the bright pink mech she rides, is easy to copy. This cosplay consists of a bodysuit, long brown hair and hot pink stripes on the face. The simplicity of the design is perfect for new cosplayers as well as veterans.

#2 – 2B – from NieR: Automata

2B, the only character created by Square Enix that made this list, is ranked second with 131.49 hashtags on Instagram. 2B, the character from the 2017 launch of the game, has become a mainstay at cosplay events. 2B is a character that beginners can easily achieve. It is characterized by a white wig and black dress, as well as long black boots.

#3 – Link

Hyrule, the hero from Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series, has taken third place with 96.525″ hashtags. The Legend of Zelda franchise has been around since 1985 and has a large and passionate fanbase. Link’s outfits have been varied since the release of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and its sequel, Tears of the Kingdom. This is a treasure of ideas for cosplayers of all skill levels.

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Lara Croft’s cosplays have been a mainstay at conventions since her 1996 debut. She is ranked fourth on the list, with 78.178 cosplay hashtags. Many people are inspired by every version of the character. They even make fun of the 1996 version with its pointed features. Lara’s costume is made up of shorts and teal shirt, as well as gun-holsters. This is a great cosplay design for those who are just starting out.

#5 – Mercy in Overwatch

Mercy, the second Overwatch character, is fifth in Instagram’s cosplay hashtags with 77,820. Mercy is one of the 21 original characters that were revealed when the game was first released in 2016. Her design resembles an angel with a metal halo. It’s Blizzard second character on the list after D.Va.

#6 – Venti – Genshin Impact

God of Anemo Venti, the sixth character in the popular online Genshin Impact game, is the first to be featured. He has 56,729 cosplay tags, which places him sixth. The game has been a huge hit since its release in 2019. Venti is the first character that players meet, and the most cosplayed of the male characters in the game.

#7 – Ganyu Impact

Ganyu, the Secretary of the Liyue, Qixing has 51 607 cosplay hashtags. She is the seventh most cosplayed character out of the 74 available characters. Her character is relatable for many people as she is a hard-working and kind force in Liyue, the main city that is the namesake of area two.

#8 – Ciri, from the Witcher 3.

Ciri ranked eighth with a total of 50184 cosplay hashtags. Ciri is the deuteragonist for the Witcher 3 series, alongside Geralt. Her popularity can be attributed to the well-received Netflix adaption of the books the games were based on. Ciri’s design is made up of white wigs, a white/cream shirt and brown leather pants.

#9 – Yae Miko from Genshin Impact

In ninth, with 47,126 hashtags for cosplayYae Miko. Yae Miko, the right-hand kitsune of the god of Electro is one of many characters released by HoYoverse. She has a very elaborate design that is based upon Japanese shrine maidens dresses. It’s one of the more revealing looks on this list. Her hair is pastel pink and includes fox ears with downturned tips, showing her kitsune characteristics.

#10 – Mario

The iconic Italian plumbing legend rounds out the list, with 43.184 hashtags. Mario is the official Nintendo mascot, appearing in almost 300 games from 1981 to 2023. Mario is an iconic cosplay and a beloved part of many children’s memories.

Candance Healy is the Head of Branding at guidestrats.com, commented: “With always new and exciting titles on the horizon, rankings can always be in flux. It’s incredible to see characters from the modern era like D.Va on this list. being recognized.

“Cosplay has become a popular form of expression on social media. There are many talented cosplayers who are making a name for them.”

This information is provided by guidestrats.com, a digital library of strategy guides for all types video games, PC and console.


Instagram is a social media site that has collected data. The data was analyzed to determine the number of hashtags per 70 characters. The hashtags #Xcosplay, #cosplayX, and #cosplay were used in combination with #[charactername].

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