Bitcoin Minetrix ICO Secures over $10 Million in Funding amid Rising Interest

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Bitcoin Minetrix ICO raises more than $10 million for its stake to mine platform

Bitcoin Minetrix is a crypto stake to mine project that has raised over $10 million through its initial coin offering. The fundraising effort has garnered momentum within the crypto community, driven by Bitcoin Minetrix’s distinctive approach to cloud mining.

Currently, in Stage 23 of its presale, the ICO has attracted attention due to Bitcoin Minetrix’s aim to tokenise cloud mining, presenting potential benefits such as increased efficiency and security in the industry.

The $BTCMTX token, priced at $0.0132 per token, allows token holders to claim a share in bitcoin mining revenue.

In less than four remaining days of the presale, the token price will increase to $0.0133. The offer price will move to the next phase if the $10,928,040 target is reached by the deadline.



Bitcoin Minetrix is a unique player on the market. It connects to the Bitcoin mining eco-system. The continued success of the ICO shows a growing level of interest in the platform. It aims at being among the first stake to earn DeFi to gain traction with its feature to mine, moving the market toward value-oriented goods.

Revolutionising Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Bitcoin MinetrixIt aims to simplify Bitcoin Mining and make it more accessible to a larger audience. Users stake $BTCMTXTokens can be used to earn mining credit and then burned for bitcoin.

Bitcoin Minetrix uses this stake-to mine system on the Ethereum Blockchain, transforming cloud-mining into a stake to earn model. The platform stands out because it is transparent and resistant to fraud. All transactions are performed on-chain, eliminating the risks associated with traditional cloud miner contracts.

Smart contract technology is used to automate business logic and ensure efficient and secure transactions. The platform’s smart contract manages cloud credits, mining allocations and time periods, allowing users to set preferences through a user-friendly dashboard.

Pre-sale Allocations, Crypto Market Developments

42.5% of the $BTCMTX tokens will go directly to mining operations. Marketing efforts will consume 35 percent of the token allocation. The goal is to increase project visibility and adoption.

The success of Bitcoin Minetrix’s ICO can be rooted in the growing interest in Bitcoin. ARK Invest’s CEO Cathie Wood has made a 2024 recommendation for an optimal Bitcoin portfolio allocation of just under 20%, which has risen over 13% from Wood’s Bitcoin optimum allocation in 2022.

As Bitcoin Minetrix progresses, it taps into the growing interest and recognition of Bitcoin’s value within the acquisition landscape.

Bitcoin Minetrix offers a novel way to mine bitcoins. There are only four days left before stage 23 concludes, so users have to act quickly to secure their place. $BTCMTXAt its lowest price before it increases.

You can also stay up to date with the latest Bitcoin Minetrix presale news and developments on Bitcoin Minetrix’s Telegram channel, Discord is a popular server., X (Twitter)..

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