If you are using Disney plus and trying to watch a single account on two different screens or the excess screens that your subscription allows, then there is a high chance that the Disney plus error code 39 can occur. The Disney plus error code 39 is a security error code when you try to access Disney plus un-authentically. Disney plus provides an excellent streaming service. But regarding the security issues, it stands to be perfect. The best example of it is error code 39. Now, if you are facing difficulty in eradicating the error code 39, then the below-given context is for you. Now, let’s discuss it in detail.

When does the Disney plus error code 39 occur?

The Disney plus error code 39 appears when you connect the Disney plus streaming of Xbox one over your windows 10 PC. This is the main reason for the occurrence of the error code. Disney plus does not allow streaming in such a way. It does not allow you to share the screen with other devices. The code is not only associated with the Xbox one device or windows 10 PC but can also occur on various smart streaming devices. You can see the situation where your streaming stops in between, and the error code 39 appears on the screen. So this is the error code 39. Now let’s discuss in detail the solution to it.

What are the main reasons for Disney plus error code 39?

Following are some of the reasons contributing to the Disney plus error code 39;

Outnumbering the devices:

Disney plus provides a subscription to access the streaming on it. Along with the subscription, you get the device’s limit to watch the stream at a time or to log in. Suppose you exceed the device limit due to some reason there. The error code 39 can occur on your device screen. This means you are outnumbering the devices that Disney plus allows you to watch on your subscription. To counter such a situation, make sure that you log out of the previous device and then log in to the new one. Or, if you have excessive use of the accounts, switch to the higher subscription plan or purchase a second account. 

Projecting the stream:

If you are using a projector to project the Disney plus stream on it, then Disney plus does not allow such a thing. There is a strict warning to cast the Disney plus screen or project it using the Disney application or web service. Many people use projectors to project movies on the big screen. But this does not apply to Disney plus. So to counter this, you must not use the projector and project the Disney plus streaming show on it.

Streaming on Xbox as well as Windows at the same time:

Though you are using a Disney plus subscription allowing two or more device limits, there are chances that error code 39 can occur. If you are watching the Disney plus stream on the windows PC and directly turn it off and start watching the same stream using the Xbox one device, then the error code 39 becomes a roll. So you need to take care that you must wait for some time and then switch from windows to Xbox one device or vice versa.

Problem with the USB port:

The smart devices use the USB port to connect to a tv screen. And Disney plus is only available for smart devices. If your USB port is not working properly, you can see the Disney plus error code 39. So check your USB port first and plug the device wire into it. But still, if the error persists, you must change the USB cable. So this is the solution to the USB port problem.

Screen recording of the content:

Suppose you are trying to catch some moments of the stream using screen recording. Then it’s totally against Disney plus policies. Disney plus does not allow any screen recorder application to run on your PC. But if you still try to record using some connectors, the Disney plus service shows you the error code 39. So don’t try to use such recordings.

How to fix Disney plus error code 39?

You can try the following methods to clean up the Disney plus error code 39. Some simple techniques are provided below with the actual problem associated with Disney plus. So let’s start.

Switch off and on your device:

If the Disney plus error code is appearing on your smart device, then you must try this;

  • If you counter the error code 39 on your device.
  • Then turn off the application.
  • Then directly turn off the device from the power plug itself.
  • Now, wait for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • After this, turn on the device from the power source.
  • Then turn it on and open the Disney plus application.
  • Now onwards, the Disney plus error code 39 will not appear.

But if it still appears, you can go with the other solutions below.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the application:

You can uninstall the Disney plus application from whichever device you use if there is an appearance of error code 39. The error code is only for security reasons so that a refresh process can resolve it.

  • First of all, go to the applications store of your device.
  • Then search for the Disney plus application from here.
  • Now the application will appear, and you will get two buttons beneath the icon.
  • The first one is open, and then the uninstall.
  • Click on the Uninstall button.
  • Now confirm the uninstallation of the application.
  • Uninstall the application so that one of the files must remain on your device related to it.
  • Now click on the install button that appears after the app uninstalls successfully.
  • Wai for the application to install.
  • Then open it and finally log in to your account.
  • Now the error code 39 will not appear.

If this solution does not work, then try another solution provided below.

Resolving the Disney plus error code 39 on Xbox one?

This is the most common condition of occurrence of the Disney plus error code 39. So follow the below-given steps if the error code appears on your Xbox one.

  • If you have connected to the Xbox one using the HDM connection, then the first thing that you must try is changing the HDMI port connection. So switch the HDMI port where your Xbox is connected first.
  • Then you can also try changing the Wi-Fi connection or refreshing—the Wi-Fi connection. So go to the settings tab, turn off the Wi-Fi from there, or forget the current Wi-Fi connection. And then again, try connecting to the same Wi-Fi network or a different one to get the network refresh.
  • Then look at whether anyone uses your Xbox Disney plus application to broadcast on their site. For such instances, don’t try installing the third-party application.
  • The last thing that you can try is resetting your Xbox one device. So for this, go to the settings of your Xbox one console. Then go to the factory reset settings. Reset the settings form here.

From now onwards, you will not counter the Disney plus error code 39 on your Xbox. If it still occurs, you can directly contact Disney plus’s customer care service.

Clear the data as well as cache from your application:

The cache is the storage files saved on the Disney plus application or any other application. If you clear these cache files, the result is smooth working of the application. So here is the step-by-step process for removing the Disney plus cache and data.

  • First, you will need to clear the Disney plus cache files.
  • For this, go to the Disney plus icon on the main screen of the Disney plus a mobile app.
  • Tap on the Disney plus icon for a few seconds.
  • Then the information tab opens up.
  • Click on it to enter the Disney plus application information.
  • Once you are into the app information, the main steps start from here.
  • Navigate to the data and cache section.
  • Below this section, you will get two buttons.
  • The first one is to clear the cache.
  • Click on it to clear the cache, and now open the application of Disney plus.
  • Check whether the error code still appears.
  • If it seems, return to the same settings where the clear cache button is.
  • Now besides this button, you will also get the clear data button.
  • Clear the app data from here.
  • Again, go to your Disney plus application and check for it.
  • This time for sure, the error code 39 will vanish.

Contact the Disney plus customer care service:

The Disney plus customer care service is available 24*7 for you. You can directly contact the helpline number. Or there is the help portal located in the support section. Here Disney provides many questions as well as their answers. Now go through these questions and answers and try to find the solution to Disney plus error code 39. 

This is about the Disney plus error code 39 and the steps to fix it.