Fixed deposit rates are falling and T-bill yields have also fallen

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The surprise of the week was a The yield on the 1-year Singapore Treasury Bill has dropped sharply.

The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other: The latest auction saw the cut-off yield drop to 3.45% The previous auction saw a 3.7% increase.

This is similar to the recent Singapore 6-month T-bills auction where a surge of demand led to lower yields.

The best fixed deposit rates from banks have also declined, with the Best 12-month Fixed Deposit Rate Now Only at 3.3%

Find out what this could mean for you Auction of 6-month T-bills to be held on 1 February.

Source: Bloomberg. Price as of 19 Jan 2024, market close.


What happened?

Investors have lowered their expectations for interest rate reductions ahead of the Federal Reserve’s first meeting of the year, on 30-31-January.

According to the CME Fedwatch Tool investors expect the Fed to maintain interest rates at the next meeting ….

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