Futures Leaderboard: Rise to the top of the rankings

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Kraken Futures

Welcome to a whole new chapter of trading competition at Kraken Pro! We’re excited to roll out our Futures Leaderboard, a fresh community feature ranking our most skilled futures traders. Leaderboard is a reflection of your trading strategy, skills and success.

You can achieve the Leaderboard regardless of whether you are going long or short. By executing and optimizing your winning strategy, you will be able to move up the Leaderboard.

Prove your Futures Leaderboard rank on social media with our shareable Performance Card, and let others know how you’re nailing it in the market:

Your Leaderboard is ranked based on the profit percentage you have made (PnL%) during a rolling calculation period of 7 days. It is updated on a regular basis to give you near-real-time ranking of all traders on our futures market.

Let’s get started

Want to be on the Futures Leaderboard with your (nickname)? If you are in an Regions eligibleYou can enable futures trading in your Kraken Pro account. 

To be eligible to appear in the Leaderboard, you must:

  1. Open an accountSign in to Kraken Pro
  2. Navigate to the perpetual futures market
  3. Accept the terms and Conditions

Explore the Leaderboard

Find the leaderboard by clicking on pro.kraken.com/app/leaderboardClick the trophy icon in the top-right menu bar of Kraken Pro.

At the top, you’ll see a summary of your performance for the last seven days. This includes your overall position, nickname and ROI (PnL%) as well as your profit and losses:

If your PnL% is in the top 50 of futures traders, that’s when you’ll appear on the Leaderboard:

Your nickname is only used to display on the Leaderboard. You have the option of remaining anonymous. Feel free to personalize and share your nickname however you like!

Who is eligible to participate in the Leaderboard?

New and existing clients who trade futures on Kraken appear on the Leaderboard, if they rank in the top 50 traders for the past 7 days. To trade futures, you must:

Start climbing the Futures Leaderboard to gain your place among the top traders.

*For more details on terms and conditions, visit our Support Article.

** Additional geo restrictions may apply.

These materials are only for informational purposes and do not constitute investment advice. They are also not a recommendation, solicitation, or invitation to buy, sell or stake any cryptoassets or to engage any specific trading strategies. Kraken does and will not attempt to increase or decrease any price of a cryptoasset. Some crypto products are unregulated and may not be covered by government compensation schemes or regulatory protection schemes. Cryptoasset markets are unpredictable and can result in a loss of funds. Taxes may be due on any returns and/or any increases in the value of cryptoassets. You should seek independent tax advice to determine your tax position. Geographic restrictions may apply.

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