GoDaddy Partners with ENS to Link Domains and Wallets

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Do you own an ENS as well as a domain name for your website? If you have registered the domain with GoDaddy Now you can connect it to your ENS for free.

The GoDaddy and ENS Teams are partnering in a momentous way for the mainstream adoption of Web3 Technology. They will bridge the gap between DNS (domain name system) and ENS.

The ENS team has successfully overcome a major barrier to bringing domains over to ENS. High gas fees. While it’s always been possible to connect the two, the often-steep cost of Ethereum gas fees dissuaded many.

The ENS team deployed new smart contracts which enable the resolution process for traditional domain names within ENS. No additional costs or technical knowledge is required to connect.

“Partnering with ENS presents our customers with a unique opportunity to experience the fusion of domain names and blockchain technologies, bringing some great benefits for users in both areas,” said GoDaddy’s president of domains, Paul Nicks, in a press release.

It’s helpful to look at what a DNS registrar like GoDaddy does. DNS is a global naming database that maps human-readable domain names (web addresses) onto the unique string of numbers that the Internet uses to find a website—an IP address. GoDaddy is a leading provider of domain names, and its partnership with ENS makes history, as one of the most popular traditional digital assets—a domain name—can now connect easily with the decentralized naming system that is ENS.

ENS was founded by Nick Johnson in 2017. It has over two million names registered (and four millions off-chain). It aims to become a neutral naming scheme for everyone on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Want to join your ENS and domains with GoDaddy? ENS team member gregskril.ethHow to compile a step-bystep blog postShowing you how.

“To ensure a streamlined user experience, GoDaddy has added a new section within its domain management interface. Here, customers can easily associate an Ethereum address with their domain names, allowing seamless integration with hundreds of applications across the web3 ecosystem. The process is simple and user-friendly, requiring no additional costs or technical expertise,”He explained.

Once you’ve connected your ENS and DNS, you can use your website name in a host of web3 applications that support ENS. This is a powerful feature that allows individuals, communities and mainstream brands the ability to combine web2 and web3 experience for users in new ways. Wallets will feel the impact, as well as block explorers and marketplaces. Web3 social sites, like Farcaster, are also likely to be affected.

The web3 community has reacted excitedly to the news—and Song A Day creator Jonathan Mann has CelebratedThe occasion can be marked with a celebratory song. 

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