Hedera: AR Rahman teases upcoming music platforms

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AR Rahman, a world-renowned music composer, teased his upcoming platform on X. He called it a “new voyage” and said that their mission is to make it the Secret Mountain. Rahman acknowledged in his post that Hedera, and Web3 have contributed to the development. He hasn’t revealed much, but he has asked his fans tune in on 14 February 2024 for more updates.

The Hedera community received this announcement well. The community has welcomed him. HBAR FamilyAddition to the Hedera: the future of HederaIt is brighter than before.

AR Rahman has officially entered the Web3 terrain, but Hedera is no stranger to this segment. Its native token, called HBAR, actually increased by 6.54% within the last day. It is now listed for $0.0773, which represents a jump of 12.70% over the last seven days. After the HBAR Foundation revealed that Reality+ chose it as their exclusive network, a formal association with Rahman was formed.

Hedera’s new mission is to provide the best solutions in digital collectibles for its clients around the world, which includes BBC Studios. Reality+ helps its clients navigate the transition from Web2 to Web3 by providing immersive experiences such as games and the Metaverse.

Reality+ has chosen Hedera to be its exclusive partner in all of its projects. Reality+ chose Hedera because of its functionality and performance. Reality+ has agreed to mint 1.4 million digital collectibles for the network, which gamers from across its portfolio already purchased.

Another recent development for the HBAR Foundation is endorsing HashPack Wallet’s initiative to promote the NFTs of creators. HashPack has pledged to increase the visibility of thousands daily active users. All creators need to do is mint collections on SentX AI or TierBot AI. NFL collections are then automatically featured on HashPack. Hedera also continues to help countries meet their climate commitments made at COP28.

Hedera’s future is brighter with an association with AR Rahman. It is likely to be more popular in India, where AR Rahman’s fan base is large. It also shows how Web3 and its related technologies blend with the world of music. Rahman’s music has always been innovative, and he won an Oscar for one of his works on February 22, 2009

The composer has also won 2 Grammy Awards, 6 Indian National Film Awards and 1 Golden Globe Award.

Hedera’s partnership with AR Rahman could get more responses on February 14, 2024, as that is when he said that he would share more details about the Secret Mountain.

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